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Trivago Considers Adding Free Links Like Google Did

Will Trivagoa Germany-based hotel price comparison site, add free hotel and online travel agency links like Google did it in 2021? CEO Axel Hefer hinted that such a scenario could be looming. In an interview with Skift on Wednesday, Hefer said Trivago would consider adding free links on Trivago to supplement advertisers’ paid links, but ... Read moreRead More

¿Cuánto dinero van a poder ahorrar los ciudadanos con el Inflation Reduction Act? – KESQ

Ángela Reyes Haczek (CNN Español) — El proyecto de Ley de Reducción de la Inflación, una legislación de US$ 750.000 millones con definiciones sobre el sistema de salud, el clima y los impuestos, ya tiene la luz verde del Senado y se dirige a la Cámara de Representantes. Pese a su nombre, los expertos no ... Read moreRead More

Jane Fonda, good morning Vietnam

When Jane Fonda is resting in Megève after filming Barbarella, at the end of December 1967, Ron Kovic is in the middle of the maquis in the demilitarized zone between the north and the south of Vietnam. This is his second round in combat. The young marine enlisted in 1964, at the end of his ... Read moreRead More

Far from tradition, the Oscars emancipate themselves on the red carpet

(ETX Daily Up) – What Happened at the Oscars? It is not a question here of the slap flanked by Will Smith to Chris Rock, but of the red carpet, more eclectic than ever. Say goodbye to conventions, the guests swapped their imposing glittering black dresses for outfits with sensual cutouts, gender fluid sets, and ... Read moreRead More

Fernando Arrabal, 90 years creating countercurrent

Madrid, Aug 10 (EFE).- Playwright, poet, essayist, filmmaker, plastic artist, expert in controversies and “congenitally disobedient”. This is the Spanish Fernando Arrabal, a polyhedral creator who turns 90 tomorrow, always wearing round glasses from which he focuses on his particular vision of life. The son of a soldier, Arrabal was born in 1932 in the ... Read moreRead More

Test de Cult of the Lamb : il n’a jamais été aussi bon d’être un tyran

Un agneau devient gourou d’une secte. Voici l’univers étrange dans lequel vous plonge le jeu vidéo Cult of the Lamb. C’est mignon et un peu sanglant. Et, surtout, c’est réussi. Vous êtes là, à scroller tranquillement sur Internet, quand soudain quelqu’un tape à la porte. Oh non, c’est encore ce type bizarre qui parle de ... Read moreRead More

Martine Biron sets out to take over Chutes-de-la-Chaudière

Martine Biron the journalist officially gave way on Wednesday to Martine Biron the politician, and she claims to have been “ethical from start to finish”. She says she was first approached by the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) in January, but says she immediately closed the door. However, the context was different when the party returned ... Read moreRead More

Award – Applications open for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023 contest

The Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year competition, globally recognized for telling the world’s most important food stories, is open for entries for 2023. The competition, now in its 12th edition, received nearly 100,000 entries from nearly 100 countries. Never has the issue of food been so important, so central to our understanding of ... Read moreRead More

Experts warn of 4 types of jellyfish on Spanish beaches and the symptoms of their stings

A kind of jellyfish. / LIZZIE DALY The MedusApp app is used to notify mishaps on the coast with this type of marine animal The rise in temperatures in the Mediterranean has favored the proliferation of jellyfish on many Spanish coasts. In fact, an invader from the Pacific has been sighted on the coast of ... Read moreRead More

Juliana Velásquez will be at Megaland 2022: the actress who achieved a Grammy with her voice

In 2021, he won the award for ‘Best New Artist’ at the Latin Grammy Awards. Juliana Velasquez Buitrago is one of the artists that will make the attendees vibrate mega land 2022 next October 22, and joins the luxury payroll in charge of placing dance and sing to all the urban music fans who waited ... Read moreRead More